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    With the ban lifted, herea��s where you can catch up with friends over sheesha

    The wait is over and sheesha / hookah, in its many flavours, is making a comeback across town. From swanky rooftops to chic cafes, we take a look at the places where you can indulge:

    Park Hyatt
    At The Dining Room deck facing the lilly pond, create combinations of your choice. Do try their Red Bull sheesha, where the water is replaced with Red Bull (they also do a version with milk) or the fruit-head sheesha, where the chillum is substituted with a scooped out fruit. Rs 800 plus tax for single flavours and Rs 1,000 plus tax for double flavours. Details: 71771234

    The Park
    Located on the ninth floor of the hotel is their sheesha terrace that offers flavours like Cinnamon, Strawberry and Guava. But ita��s theirA� combinations like Pan Rasna, Grape Mint and Pan Supari that are a hit. Interestingly, while locals like to experiment with double flavours, the many expat guests of the hotel like the simple joys of single flavours, wea��re told. Rs 800 plus tax. Details: 42676000

    Taj Club House
    In addition to traditional (Rs 800 plus tax) flavours like Double Apple and Supari, the Rooftop Alfresco also offers house mixes (Rs 900 plus tax) like Pan Thunder (Pan Raas and Orange) and Cinderella (Kiwi, Pan Raas and Orange). The hotel might also be introducing organic fruit flavours and zero nicotine tobacco in the future. Details: 66313131

    The others
    Drizzle: A hit with the large IT fraternity in the area, Drizzle on ECR, serves hookah in the usual favourite flavours like Apple, Mint, Paan Rasna and Kiwi. Available from 11 am, at Rs 750 plus tax. Details: 30853773
    Robustaa: This cafe in Kilpauk offers fruit flavours like Grape and Kiwi aside from favourites like lemon and mint. Their sandwiches (like the BMT) are also a draw. From 11 am, at Rs 700 plus tax. Details: 42858412

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