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    Escape the heat this season by following the liquid nitrogenA� trail at five restaurants across the city

    With cooking shows like the MasterChef series having redefined plating and presentation, and food connoisseurs stacking up culinary holidays, molecular gastronomy is no longer novel. That said, city chefs add intrigue to their dishes by playing around a bit with liquid nitrogen. Experimenting with the physical properties of old favourites (liquid nitrogen instantly freezes any ingredient whilst spewing a colourless mist), they present a crumble of rose petals, aamras caviar and crunchy flash frozen dhoklas a�� that explode in your mouth with familiar flavours but unusual textures.

    Dhokla Chaat
    @ GRT Grand
    While the hotela��s swanky new restaurant J Hinda��s fascinating amuse bouche with rose water caviar and aamras spheri?cation did catch our attention, it is their Dhokla Chaat that holds centre stage. Dunked in liquid nitrogen, the ?ash-frozen dhokla is crushed along with papdi thereby giving a new twist to the staple, along with spinach pakodas and sour Japanese chilli chutney. From the desserts try Gulabi, where traditional creamy shahi tukra meets cryo-rabdi and fragrant rose crumble or even their instantly churned Mango Lassi Gelato and Masala Chai ice cream.Priced at Rs 425.Details: 28150500

    ITCFOOD4Thob Thim Krob
    @ ITC Grand Chola
    Refreshing and cool ingredients make this traditional Thai dessert at Pan Asian a must-have. Comprising of tiny colouredA� cubes of fresh water chestnuts and whole milk blend, the Thob Thim Krob is scattered with jelly caviar and creamy coconut pulp. The tender coconut ice cream is churned in liquid nitrogen at your table, adding drama to your dining experience. Garnished with shavings of dark Valrhona chocolate, the dessert is a multi-sensory delight. Order while the sun continues to scorch overhead.
    Priced at Rs 550. Details: 22200000

    WESTIN6Ananas Mist @Westin Velachery
    For a heady chemistry lesson, pick the tropical cocktail called Ananas Mist at Willows Bar that packs quite the ?avour punch. Expect fresh pineapple muddled with aromatic cardamom. While the sweet mix has both white and dark rum, find yourself sipping into the celebrated liquid nitrogen created mist. Another experiment gone right is their liquid nitro-?ed Caramel Popcorn. At their elaborate Sunday brunch, find popped corn kernels bathed in homemade caramel and dunked in liquid nitrogen. Savour the crystallised sweet pops even as fumes escape from your nostrils and mouth.
    Priced at Rs 600, Details: 66333777

    VBSIGNATURE5Rosa Poo Ice cream @VB Signature
    A creation that teases your sense of nostalgia, Rosa Poo Icecream has thick and indulgent pink rose milk treated with liquid nitrogen to achieve a creamy and ?avourful frozen ice cream that is free of any ice crystals. Another inspired dessert is Nitro Basundi 2.0 that is passed through a siphon gun for a ?uffy basundi mousse.Once ?ash-frozen, the icy shards are garnished with mango yoghurt and dark chocolate.
    Priced at Rs 155 onwards. Details: 30853802

    PhD in Chocolate @The ParkA�PARK12
    Creating a textural revelation with every spoonful is a ?ash frozen crumble of sweet ?ourless chocolate sponge cake and a creamy chocolate marquise along with good old chocolate ice cream. A hint of citrus from the raspberry macaroons that have been treated with liquid nitrogen completes this exquisite dessert called PhD in Chocolate. Care for something light?
    Then, the Elaneer Payasam Gelato should please you just ?ne; complete with pana vellam drizzle and falooda noodles.
    Priced at Rs 275 onwards. Details: 42676000

    Text: Preeti GT


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