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    James Spader promises more twists and turns on the second season of The Blacklist

    LEAVING viewers gobsmacked with the past season, and dangling us half-way through a thrilling season two, James Spader of The Blacklist, says that the wait is going to be worthwhile. And after the mid-season break, he tells us that Raymond Reddington has plenty up his sleeve. a�?How Red responds to circumstances reveals certain aspects of him. Ita��s a very delicate balance when you have a character whoa��s very enigmatic. Ita��s what makes them compelling and what makes you curious,a�? shares Spader, adding that just when you think you know what he is up to, hea��ll surprise you.
    When asked whether wea��ll find out this season if Red really is Liza��s father, he flatly declines. a�?No, you wona��t. Youa��re going to get closer. Once we reach the inevitable end of the series, youa��ll look back and youa��ll realise that there were things along the way that you werena��t sure how to process and suddenly those things will connect,a�? he reveals, elaborating that the twists, turns, and playing with the audience makes it fun. a�?Ita��s like a like a puzzle, but, here wea��re giving you pieces as we go along, and eventually you can put them together and they fit.a�?
    While the character Spader plays is highly appealing but with plenty of evil weaved in, the actor isna��t quite sure what makes Red click. a�?Over the years, Ia��ve never been able to figure out what people might like or not like, but I think people respond to the dichotomy in any antihero,a�? he summises, quipping, a�?I know I would be enormously disappointed if we were to discover that Reddington was really a righteous guy and ita��s all about redemption.a�?
    On what actually drew him to the role of Reddington, the actor (who wears a trademark hat in the series, as per his own admission) says, a�?I was looking for a series that was dichotomous in tonea��at times funny and other times not at all. Plus, a character that was serious and yet irreverent, so that there would be a lot to play.a�?
    And Spader says hea��d like the show to go on just as long as it is intriguing. a�?I dona��t think I could survive on a show where ita��s just an equation and youa��re solving that equation every week. I just couldna��t,a�? he signs off.

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