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    Stone chocolates, oregano cheese papdi, dry fruit biscuits and other unusual treats on Food Avatar

    Back in 2012, when Nitesh and Shreyans Lodha launched RCL Enterprises in Chennai, they had one thing in mind a�� to make authentic snacks and sweets available across the country. So far they have set up four branches in the city and are looking to expand their reach outsideFood Avatar (8) their headquarters. Meanwhile, intending to make it easier for people to get their hands on the nearly 300 products at their disposal, the brothers launched a website called Food Avatar this April. Sporting an impressive layout, it helps you find what you want with ease. From nuts, dried fruits and snacks, to baked items like cookies and puffs, they also deliver goodies like chikki and chocolates in over 20 flavours. For variety, they also offer 10 kinds of spices, including white pepper, mace and more. But ita��s their section of signature products pleasantly surprises us.
    Within and without
    Staying true to its name, Food Avatar offers even usual snacks in different and unusual avatars (think pudhina sev, paan-flavoured raisins, etc) a�?About 80 per cent of our products are manufactured in-house, while the rest are sourced from places like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan,a�? says Lodha, adding that each product is handpicked, tasted and reviewed by them. a�?All our products are vegetarian and free from artificial flavours, egg and yeast,a�? he continues, assuring us that their shelf life varies from a month to a year. Since they received their first order on May 30, the website has registered around 50 orders a day, with the best sellers including dry fruit biscuits, badam bites, kesar kaju sticks, dry apricots, guava candies, and khakra.
    Besides the normal
    Their most unusual item is a pack of stone chocolates. Easily mistaken for a pile of glossy, colourful stones from afar, you realise that these deceptive chocolates from Dubai are perfect to play a prank on someone. Other items that caught our attention are the mango katli from Nagpur, jamun chips from Andhra Pradesh, malai chikki and strawberry raisins from Maharashtra, and others like tomato soya sticks, oFood Avatar (11)regano cheese papdi, cherry dry fruit biscuits and more. There are round 15 kinds of dates and dried fruits like sweet lime, premium figs, imli candy and pineapple cubes, and not to forget namkeen, roasted soya beans and street snacks like pani puri. With plans to introduce over 500 new products by the end of the month, this website delivers across Chennai and also in Coimbatore on request.
    Delivery charges up to Rs 100. Priced from Rs 30 onwards. Cash on delivery is also accepted. Details: foodavatar.com
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