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    Miss Muffeta��s Kitchen specialises in beating those 5 pm hunger pangs

    While she might not dish up curds and whey exactly, Priyanka Shetty, inspired by the nursery rhyme, established her home-kitchen service, specialising in a�?wholesome soul fooda��. a�?I can imagine that Miss Muffet would be a dab hand in the kitchen,a�? she jokes, having moved from event management to focus fully on food, her a�?first lovea��.
    The office hour
    Explaining that a�?anyone with a day job knows about the 5 pm munchiesa��, Shetty delivers home-cooked snacks to offices in and around Indiranagar, to help people avoid binge eating, and a�?indulge in hygienic, made-with-love farea��. The current menu includes tuna cutlets flavoured with desi spices and served with a coriander chutney, a pulled chicken sandwich, tomato and fresh basil bruschetta served up with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese, sabudana khichdi and even the simple oven-toasted garlic bread. a�?I send out an email every morning letting my database know whata��s cooking. If you place an order before 2 pm, it will be delivered to your home or office before 5 pm. Everything is cooked that day, and ingredients are freshly bought daily too,a�? she elaborates.
    With inspiration picked up from frequent travels both within India and abroad, Shetty has a slew of goodies in the research and development stage, including a Lebanese-inspired mezze platter with homemade hummus, steamed momos, various frittatas, salads and wholesome soups. Apart from snacks, you can also order full lunches in bulk, for groups larger than 10. These take inspiration from Shettya��s Mangalorean roots, and include signature dishes like kori roti with chicken curry, and chicken sukha, with a mild flavour courtesy of generous amounts of fresh coconut.

    `45 upwards. Delivery in the Indiranagar area. Details: .facebook.com/missmuffetkitchen

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