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    With a new edit screen for its Android version, Instagram is looking to reinvent. But we cana��t say the same about its filters a�� they are passe. Instagrammers are, instead, turning to other photo editing apps to give a a�?newa�� perspective to their clicks.

    Darkroom: Create your own filters, apart from 12 presets, with this app that was launched in April. The Curve feature adjusts RGB channels and saves every edit. It also syncs with your photo library to import all your photos. Details: usedarkroom.com

    Snapster: Launched in July, Snapster allows you to send self-destructing photo messages with a self-timer. You can create your own filters here, too, and use the newly-introduced filter intensity slider to adjust them. Details: snapster.io

    Enlight: With built-in masking for smooth blending, monochrome presets, artistic filters, and an intelligent photo correction that repairs over-exposure, Enlight has it all. Launched in July, it also has photo mixer and collage features. Details: enlightapp.com

    Polarr: With unlimited undo and redo options, plus instant adjusting (by tilting the device), editing on Polarr is as easy as it gets. Launched last month, it has new features including denoise, dehaze, vertical scrolling for better adjustment, and more. At just 4 MB, this app can be quickly downloaded too. Details: polarr.co

    Layout?: A product of Instagram, this new app launched in June allows you to make creative collages with photos from your smartphone. Using the appa��s in-built Photo Booth, you can montage up to nine photos at a time and use the Faces tab to quickly tag your friends. You can also add Instagrama��s own filters to the collages made through Layout. Details: instagram.com

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