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    Time travel in the new Harry Potter book sends the plot careening into resurrected characters and more surprises.

    LAST Sunday saw Potterheads in the city gleefully procuring pre-ordered copies of the spanking new eighth installment of JK Rowlinga��s Harry Potter series. Hardback and glossy, the 352-paged Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is elegant with an embossed golden snitch. Young readers will find it a quick read despite being in a script format (from the play by Jack Thorne that debuted last Saturday in London). The story picks up from The Deathly Hallows, where Harry Potter is seeing off his children, Albus (yes, named after Dumbledore), James and Lily, to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Cursed with a famous father, Albus struggles to find his identity and ending up in the Slytherin house is of no help. Meanwhile, he further annoys his parents when he gangs up with Scorpious Malfoy (the infamous Dracoa��s son). Soon, thanks to a Time Turner, the plot takes you back and forth through time travel with many old characters coming alive briefly. While the purpose seems to be to save Cedric Diggory, who died in book four, The Goblet of Fire, you soon realise that a darker force may be resurrected in the bargain (think Voldemort) and, for added mystery, there are rumours that the Dark Lorda��s offspring is studying in Hogwarts! Hardback at Rs 899 (avail at 15 per discount) at Starmark, Phoenix MarketCity.
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