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    Meher Gurmehar Bedi celebrates the city with a new line, 365 Days of Summer

    Designers across the globe have collections for every season. But for city-based designer Meher Gurmehar Bedi, summer is her muse. Hailing from Chandigarh, this 25-year old has just started her own pret brand, Gedi Route, and will be launching her latest collection, 365 Days of Summer, at Anokhi on March 7-8. a�?a�?Ia��ve spent the majority of my life in Chennai and Pune. My dad told me about Gedi Routea��a long stretch in Chandigarh that houses some of the best colleges and is a major hang out spot for students. He met my mother there. I wanted my brand to have some connection to the city that I am from, thus the name,a��a�� begins the designer, who has completed her engineering from SRM University.
    Design bound
    MEHER, DESIGNER FOR MRINALINI STORY. EXPRESS / R.SATISH BABUBedi is a self-taught. Her first brush with fashion was when she used to watch her mother drape saris and noted that she never repeated her clothes. a�?a�?I read a lot and added my own imagination to come up with designs. The books used to be on stitches, fabrics and cuts. In college, I used to design my own clothes. I started seeing things a little more technically and, last November, I registered my brand,a��a�� says Bedi, who plays with Indian fabrics and gives them a western cut. a�?a�?My style of dressing is very laid back, quirky and boho, and that is reflected in my designs, too,a��a�� she says. With 40 pieces, her collection is available in sizes from six to 10. a�?a�?I want to cater to women of all sizes. I have played a lot with fabrics like chanderi, ikkat, georgette, chiffon, raw silks and silk mixtures,a��a�� she describes, adding that she has gone with a lot of prints. Expect colours like orange, green, red, black and white in dresses, play suits, rompers, three-fourths, jackets and crop tops. a�?a�?You will also see a lot of peek-a-boo patterns in my designs. I believe in the subtle show of skin. My jackets are backless, as I know women love showing off their backs. If the legs are exposed, then I alter the neckline accordingly,a��a�� she says.
    On the way
    Next up, Bedi wants to travel and be a part of trunk shows and pop up stores. She has collaborated with a blogger, Malavika, to promote her clothes and will also be taking her clothes to tropical destinations like Goa, Sri Lanka and Pondicherry. With Chennai seeing summer through most part of the year, Bedi hopes her clothes will help them beat the heat.

    The collections stars from Rs 2,000 onward. The exhibition at Anokhi is on March 7 and 8.Details:09962909908

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