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Suits, the popular legal drama series, returns for the third season on Comedy Central this month. Despite missing an Emmy nomination, it is lauded for its originality and humour. It is about Mike Ross, played by Patrick J Adams, a brilliant college-dropout, who is on a run from a drug deal (gone bad), and who finds himself a job working with legal eagle Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht. Macht shares more about his bonding with Adams and how he relates to his character:

Harvey and I are in many ways similar yet different.A�People who know me have mentioned, a�?Gabriel is the complete opposite of Harvey.a�? There are many decisions Harvey has made based on his stern outer armor and bitter past, which probably I wouldna��t. I am sensitive and little emotional by nature, unlike Harvey.

The challenging part for me was to empathise with Harveya��s situation. I had to get deep into his skin to understand his behavior and why he does things in a certain way. It was only when I got into the character, that I realised that this Harvey may be very fast but hea��s got a real heart underneath all the banter.

I just love my counter-parta��s character (Mike)A�Hea��s got a foot in both worlds where hea��s capable of this greatness on a scale that most people never really understand, but then hea��s also this stoner kind-of washout who hasna��t really done anything with his life. I think Adams has done complete justice to Mikea��s character by bringing in his own charm and personality.

This season is majorly all about going back in time, all about flashbacks.A�As the story evolves we will be seeing Harvey undergo quite a few changes. We are definitely getting behind the armour a little bit with his character.

The greatest thing this show does is explore mentorship. In a realistic way, it brings up a lot of issues. Is the young person asking the right questions? Do they really want the help? Do they agree completely with the person theya��re being mentored by? Ita��s a complex relationship and I think they do a great job of showing both sides of the coin in this season.

I looked at Suits as an opportunity to get really deep into the character.A�The idea is to do it over and over. Then take a break and maybe go do a movie and step away from Harvey and play a different character, then again come back to him.

We get along very well. Patrick (J Adams) is such a funny guy and opposite of the character he plays on the show. We constantly get to try and make each other laugh. We also believe and practise green living together, and that is one more thing we instantly bonded over.
Suits airs on Comedy Central, Mondays to Thursdays at 10 pm

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