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    Actress Naomi Watts on keeping up with the millennials and shaking a leg in her latest, While Wea��re Young

    Age is just a number for actress Naomi Watts. With her recent successful outings, St Vincent and Birdman, the 46-year-old again has our attention as the new once British Airways poster girl, looking hot in a retro swimsuit. Having just finished shooting Farren Blackburna��s Shut In, the doting parent, along with her partner A�A� A�Liev Schreiber, credits feeling young thanks to her sonsa��Alexander Pete (seven) and Samuel Kai (six)a��who tell her a�?unfiltereda�� things and make her laugh. Watts is now excited about her latest role as Cornelia opposite Ben Stiller, in Noah Baumbacha��s comedy-drama While Wea��re Young and tells us more about it. Read on:

    How did you relate to your character?
    I think ita��s very much a part of society and I dona��t know that any woman could ever not think about that at some point a�� even making the choice not to do it and getting to the place of peace of choosing not to be a parent, there would have still been some struggle in between. Ita��s hard work being a mum so youa��ve got to want it.

    Describe Noah Baumbacha��s world to us?
    A great script to start with thata��s pretty much flawless; his writing is really wonderful. The way he plays out each character with a unique voice is really impressive, and rhythmically his dialogue works. Every time you take on a new role, youa��re trying to help find that voice and you add your own bits and piece along the way, but with Noah ita��s already done.

    What was your experience of 20s vs 40s?
    I think whether youa��ve got children or not youa��re just more aware of others as you get out of your 20s. In your 20sa��and these are generalisations, of coursea��I feel like I didna��t care about as many things or as many people, or even myself, as much. Therea��s more recklessness and more ruthlessness; youa��re not as considerate of how things land with other people, I think.

    Are you a hobo or a hipster?
    Neither! The funny thing is that these people who pose themselves as this incredibly hip young couple turn out to be not as hip as they think they are. Thata��s what I love about ita��this endless fascination with the youth culture is there in all of us and wea��re fooled into believing they are so pure and thata��s why we think theya��re worth loving; that becomes the genesis of our crush on them and then we figure out theya��re not as authentic as they promise.

    Do you think the ambition when youa��re 20 is the same as when youa��re 40?
    Tough question. I feel like personally I have more drive now than I did then, probably because I care more and also because Ia��ve reached the mid-life point; what havena��t I done? What do I need to squeeze in? And that fear of a�?is it going to go away?a�� I think in my 20s I was just all about having fun.

    Do you have some great moves in this film?
    I have a bit of a frustrated dancer in me. Ia��ve always loved dance. I go for BBSa��Body By Simone a�� ita��s little mini dance routines and I am often the oldest person in the room although I forget that. Ia��m fairly fit. Ia��ve always loved to dance and keep fit but in the last six months, I feel like I cannot keep up any longer and my back starts to hurt. And I get angry and then I have to really learn to forgive myself.

    Have you ever been seduced into joining something?
    I have had moments of that but I am a very pragmatic person and I am not someone to lean into that. Possibly in my 20s, I could have landed in some version of that because I was perhaps a little lost, but it was almost like I felt I grew up when I was about 28. I feel pretty much the same. I get reminded when I look in mirrors that I am not.
    While Wea��re Young is scheduled to release today.

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