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    A World Alike is building a private network of well-educated individuals

    HEREa��S nothing quite like being in the company of similar-minded people. But the question is: where do you find them, and how do you find them? Himanshu Guptaa��s lifestyle startup A World Alike is already at it, and has generated a warm response in New Delhi, and Mumbai. The good news is that the a�?private social networka�� will take off in Bengaluru next month.
    Herea��s what it does: A World Alike (AWA) is an exclusive, invitation-only network for socialising. It curates well-educated individuals and invites them to events, based on interests and passions the guests share with each other.
    After applying for its
    membership on the website, you will receive a short telephonic call from Guptaa��s team. Next, you will be invited to one of its events. Once you make the cut, you get a formal invitation to be part of it. Select your membership plan that ranges from a period of six months (Rs.6,000) to a year (Rs.10,000), and ita��s welcome to the club!
    AWA hosts a range of entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking activities. a�?They are certainly more meaningful than random parties,a�? says Gupta. They include whisky and wine tastings, game nights (beer pong, taboo or karaoke), house parties, and formal dinners. All of these are conceptualised to be ice-breakers. There will also be a host at the venue to help you further.
    Beyond dates
    a�?The idea is to help people socialise in good company, and not just find dates. Well if that happens, I am more than happy. But a lot can happen at these events, you can make business connections, or even new friends,a�? says Gupta, a former investment banker. The network is open to people in the age-group of 25-40, he adds.
    The gatherings are kept small so that guests get the opportunity to meet everyone. a�?These events are highly personalised. Since we know the background of each guest, we can conceptualise them around their interests,a�? adds Gupta, 35.
    With 450 guests already on its network, AWA currently organises two events a week, one after office hours and one during the weekend. Dona��t worry if you are a non-member, you can still participate in these activities (that cost Rs.1,200-Rs.3,500). But, yes, you have to certainly be on their curated list.
    Gupta returned to India in 2010 after a 12-year stint in the US and Australia, and thata��s when he realised that making friends here took a lot more effort than to just walk into a bar for a couple of drinks. And thata��s when the seed of AWA was planted.
    Details: aworldalike.in
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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