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    A World Alike is building a private network of well-educated individuals

    HERE’S nothing quite like being in the company of similar-minded people. But the question is: where do you find them, and how do you find them? Himanshu Gupta’s lifestyle startup A World Alike is already at it, and has generated a warm response in New Delhi, and Mumbai. The good news is that the ‘private social network’ will take off in Bengaluru next month.
    Here’s what it does: A World Alike (AWA) is an exclusive, invitation-only network for socialising. It curates well-educated individuals and invites them to events, based on interests and passions the guests share with each other.
    After applying for its
    membership on the website, you will receive a short telephonic call from Gupta’s team. Next, you will be invited to one of its events. Once you make the cut, you get a formal invitation to be part of it. Select your membership plan that ranges from a period of six months (Rs.6,000) to a year (Rs.10,000), and it’s welcome to the club!
    AWA hosts a range of entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking activities. “They are certainly more meaningful than random parties,” says Gupta. They include whisky and wine tastings, game nights (beer pong, taboo or karaoke), house parties, and formal dinners. All of these are conceptualised to be ice-breakers. There will also be a host at the venue to help you further.
    Beyond dates
    “The idea is to help people socialise in good company, and not just find dates. Well if that happens, I am more than happy. But a lot can happen at these events, you can make business connections, or even new friends,” says Gupta, a former investment banker. The network is open to people in the age-group of 25-40, he adds.
    The gatherings are kept small so that guests get the opportunity to meet everyone. “These events are highly personalised. Since we know the background of each guest, we can conceptualise them around their interests,” adds Gupta, 35.
    With 450 guests already on its network, AWA currently organises two events a week, one after office hours and one during the weekend. Don’t worry if you are a non-member, you can still participate in these activities (that cost Rs.1,200-Rs.3,500). But, yes, you have to certainly be on their curated list.
    Gupta returned to India in 2010 after a 12-year stint in the US and Australia, and that’s when he realised that making friends here took a lot more effort than to just walk into a bar for a couple of drinks. And that’s when the seed of AWA was planted.
    Details: aworldalike.in
    — Barkha Kumari


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