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Method in madness

Most NRIs mistake the city’s spontaneity for being disorganised, and then they start loving the chaos

Our city is truly cosmo. Apart from people from all over India, we have a good lot of NRI folks returning home after they have made their bit. Last night I was thinking of the film Mitr which talks about NRI emotions and lifestyle. Now you may wonder what is so different about them. After all, they are all human too! But trust me. I’ve been there, done that. A major section of my friends have moved back from the US and many have shared how they find it difficult to cope with the system here, rather the lack of it.
pg6-2People don’t stick to time. A 7 pm party starts after 8.30 pm. Traffic is unruly. Processes are delayed by default. But over the last few years, a new city has developed on the other side – the Hi-tec city where a new breed of Hyderabad works and lives. Clean roads, international layouts and greenery that actually looks green!!
Now one may argue that the spontaneity here is inspiring. We have mid-week parties and outings. People look forward to Friday releases. This is something unimaginable for most living abroad where all fun gets pushed to the weekend. Even emotional outbursts are saved for later because everything is so programmed. My friend Manju, who Skypes with me for music class from abroad, is always four weeks ahead in her planning and it amazes me! I saw the visible relief when she recently came here for a break. This explains why people coming home to Hyderabad for vacations enjoy the chaos and activity here. Breakfast happens anytime between 7 and 11 am! Lunch is at 3 and dinner after 9 pm.
Many manage to adapt to the change. Popular names that we know have lived there and here are directors Sekhar Kammula, Dev Katta and others. Guru Films boss Sunitha Tati still keeps her scheduled outlook in place.
Having lived there and here, I feel it is best to take the best of both worlds. Of course moments happen here and there when things are go haywire and one feels like going back, given a choice. For example, actress Lakshmi Manchu has vented a few times on how she misses the structure and clarity that she had through her day when she lived abroad. I sometimes feel like going back and working in American TV,” she recalls as she speaks of fond memories there. She loves discipline and spontaneous fun equally.
I do resonate with the clarity part. But one cannot disagree that it is boring to be planned all the time. The true bonding moments with life happen in chaos. Hyderabad surely offers ample scope for both sides of the coin and that is why I am super proud to be a HydeA�rabadi!

The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi


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