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    Home-grown videos take centre stage with social causes, Bollywood and wages.

    King Khan
    A hilarious mockery of the typical filmy songs from Bollywood, All India Bakchod ropes in Irrfan Khan for their latest parody. Starting out with a call from Christie (Christopher Nolan, obviously), whoa��s asking about the availability of Khan, the AIB lads challenge him to do a video for them. And this one is a a�?Party Songa��. From monotonous beats and girls in bikinis to stereotypical rapping body objectification and champagne popping, Khan proves that he can really do just about everything!

    David vs Goliath
    In an attempt to take on corporate giant Unilever, Sofia Ashraf, from Chennai, raps about the mercury contamination in Kodaikanal. Set to Nicki Minaja��s Anaconda, Ashraf changes the lyrics to say that, a�?Kodaikanal wona��t step down until Unilever makes amends nowa��. The video (Kodaikanal Wona��t) by the NGO Jhatkaa.org and Vettiver Collective has already whizzed past the one-million mark. Even Minaj seems to approve of the copycata��s work as she re-tweeted the link saying: a�?Wow.a�?

    Small change
    Perhaps not an accurate representation of the plight of beggars, the video (How Much a Beggar Earns) by IndiViral shows just how much money you can earn thanks to a disguised actor. While some people dismissively wave him off, others quite generously give. From a rupee or two to 10 and 50 rupee notes, this a�?beggara�� ends up with `200 in two hours, translating to `30,000 a month, which according to the video is double the average BPO salary!


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