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    The Modern Family star on being sexy at 41, accents and the fear of HD

    As Gloria in Modern Family, the feisty woman from Colombia married to the family patriarch, Jay Pritchett, Sofia Vergara is hard to ignore. The former Victoriaa��s Secret angel has won the Screen Actors Guild Awards for best performance, both in 2010 and 2011, and this year at the Golden Globe Awards, she was nominated for the best actress in a supporting role (Modern Family). Recently seen in John Turturroa��s Fading Gigolo and the action comedy, Machete Kills, Vergara always makes an impact on the red carpet, rocks talk shows and is popular with the tabloids. The star, who thinks she is lucky to look great at 41, will soon be seen in Heat, a movie directed by Simon West. Known for her quirks A�a�� like sleeping with her socks on, for instance, or sharing her bikini photos online A�a�� Vergara says she is enjoying this phase of her life and is in no hurry to get married to her fiance of over a year, Nick Loeb. The actor, who can be sexy and funny at the same time, tells us more:

    What do you splurge on?
    Trips, my son (Manolo, 21), shoes, bags, jewellery, everything.

    You look fantastic at 41. Do you feel pressure about being photographed all the time?
    With high-definition television, ita��s like, a�?Why?a�� Somebody has to stop this torture. High-definition should be, like, for Animal Planet. You dona��t want to see the imperfections.

    Do people on TV want you to enhance your accent?
    When I started acting, I thought I could, like, get rid of it. Ia��m like, a�?I dona��t understand why actresses like Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek havena��t fixed their accents.a�� I had, like, a coach for many hours, many months… and I was conscious about each word. I was a mess. Ia��ve never had any training as an actress, so I think what helped me with acting was that I was spontaneous and myself. And I said, a�?Ia��m going to be there. If they like me, they like me.a�� And they liked me. What do you do to stay in shape?
    Modern Family season five airs every Thursday on Star World at 8.30 pm

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