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Bispasha Basu justifies her predilection for scary movies and champions the a�?creaturea�� in her newest 3D outing

You never know what this Bengali beauty will come up with next. After movies like Corporate, No Entry, Ajnabee, and a clutch of horror films like Raaz, Aatma and now Creature 3D, ita��s evident that Bipasha Basu is not your regular Bollywood star. Spotted walking the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week for designer friend, Vikram Phadnis, she was game for the ice bucket challenge that went viral in July to create awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In the news for her fitness routine and her supposed romance with actor Harman Baweja, the 35-year-old claims to be choosy about her scripts. She talks about her love for horror, her schedule and about getting emotional on the sets.
Vikram has made the creature in Creature very interesting. It was quite a difficult task because we had to do the film imagining the creature around. But the concept was so exciting so I jumped on the band wagon. The minute I saw the creature, I immediately called Vikram and told him that our creature is so fit, to which he said, a�?you are mad, you look at a creature and get scared, not say a�?it is fita��!a��
I am a a�?fattua�� in real life. I am scared of everything possible. I have never met anyone like me. I scream at the slightest of things. I only look tough and fit, but I am such a girly girl. Having said that, in the movies, the uglier the creature, the better the scream factor. And our creature is damn ugly so our job is done.
I love the horror genre. Though I have done several other genres like crime, thriller, action, etc, I love horror because it is one genre that hasna��t been explored completely in India. Right from movies to television series, the West has explored the horror genre extensively. And there are so many stories that you can make up with this genre, there is so much scope and experience in this zone.
I am happy that I am the sole crusader of the horror genre. When a one is working on a horror film, the protagonist has to be a vulnerable character which means either a child or a woman. To do a movie where you are the hero is amazing and that is why I am the sole crusader.
I am making a conscious effort to take up just one film for a year. Nothing excites me. When was the last Bollywood movie you watched and loved? Imagine the state of an actor who is passionate about acting but is stuck because of a horrible script. As of now I have three moviesa��Bang Bang, Alone and The Lovers.
Horror is disturbing at different levels. When you are playing a character with multiple layers, it is very disturbing. For example, when I played my role in Raaz, I broke down several times. Even in Aatma, when the husband hits the wife, the emotions were very strong. Some of these characters can push you and touch you.
Creature 3D is scheduled to release on September 12.

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