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    Jayraj Rau, Vidya Singh, Chitra Mahesh and guests at ITC Grand Chola
    Sanchita Shetty

    Sanchita Shetty

    FIFA continued to occupy pride of place on everyonea��s calendars this week, despite crazy timings and favourites bowing out early this season. A quick round up of the madness across the city showed these results: there are several hard core fans in the city, people who follow the sport round the year, and truly know what they are talking about. Then there are those of us that know enough to enjoy it, but wona��t be terribly disappointed by whichever outcome. Wea��re happy to enjoy the eye candy. The most hilarious are the ones that think India stands a good chance at winning. Huh? Yes. Do check out a video that is doing the rounds on various social media. Ita��s good for a laugh. And the final category a�� those that dona��t care, but still love a great party, especially if it includes face paint.

    VJ__4367At The Park, the party was at The Leather Bar this weekend, with a specially created Brazilian menu, cocktails inspired by the different teams and FIFA quiz sessions. We saw everything from the a�?German Bomba�� to the a�?American Julepa�� with winners taking home assorted goodies. Adding to the fun, and to make sure there was something for everyone, was Haute on Heels, showcasing Bangalore-based Ramesh Demblaa��s latest collection.

    Priya Selvaraj, Neesha Amrish  and guest at the store launch

    Priya Selvaraj, Neesha Amrish and guest at the store launch

    The other big attraction this weekend was the Madras Couture Fashion Week at GRT Radisson Blu. Put together by Satish Jupiter, choreographed by Sunil Menon and styled by Prajanya Anand, the event was a platform for new and upcoming designers to showcase their talent. Studio Prajanya opened the show, with a collection that focussed on styling ready-to-wear garments. Neon punk rock moved easily into fusion and Game of Thrones, with interesting drapes, headgear and fun accents. Prajanya showed off her skills not just as a designer but as a stylist as well.
    Meanwhile, a select gathering of whisky aficionados sat down to a three-course dinner at ITC Grand Chola, where the iconic Royal Salute 21 YO was paired with Peshawria��s signature sikhandari lamb, murgh malai kebab and kulfi. Industrialists, theatre personalities and socialites were soon enjoying GM Ranvir Bhandari and his charming wife, Danijelaa��s hospitality. So much so, the cellist hired for the evening was urged to make a quick exit, so conversations could continue unabated. As always, whisky expert Sandeep Arora from Delhi had curated an event to remember.
    We wound up the weekend with a Kaapi Morning at the launch of designer Neesha Amrisha��s store, Aeshaane. The store with the blue door opened to a packed house a�� loyal customers that included actors, designers and other popular faces, many of whom were wearing outfits by Neesha.


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