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    Paresh Gosar gives us a three-hour master class on theatre in storytelling

    Both tell a story, but while one uses voice the other uses a combination of sound and action. However, storytelling and theatre are not mutually exclusive. The best storytellers have always brought drama into their narrations. And this is what Paresh Gosar, a Mumbai-based producer-director-storyteller, would like to remind us. a�?Storytelling is really active in Chennai and it is being really well executed. I am just trying to introduce a new elementa��connect theatricality to storytelling, to show how you can enhance it,a�? says Gosar, who is currently in town as the stage manager for Nandita Dasa�� play, Between the Lines.
    The three-hour workshop, being organised by Asha Sampath of TaleSpin and the Chennai Storytelling Association, will comprise a series of interactions and activities. a�?I will begin by understanding the storytellersa��level of comfort with theatricality and then, through activities, I will encourage them to take more risks,a�? explains Gosar, who runs Third Face, an organisation that creates plays and edutainment. a�?I will bring in the importance of sound, gestures, tone, movement, mime and silence,a�? he adds.
    One of his trusted exercises is pegged on description. a�?I want all the participants to bring a prop. These will be put into a basket and they will have to pick one at random, without looking at it, and then describe it as elaborately as possible. When no one is asked to guess, you will be amazed at how visual and nuanced the activity becomes,a�? he laughs. At the end of three hours, Gosar hopes the participants will have taken an extra few steps in making a story more dramatic.
    August 24, at CafA� Craveyard (Adyar), from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm. Rs 350. Details: 9629177700

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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