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    Ilsner, lager, draught, wheat and more, beer lovers have a new address to head to in town. The Beer CafA� has opened its doors in Indiranagar. This is the Delhi-based chaina��s first of many outlets to dot the city a�� at least four more will come up this year apparently. Ita��s not the 920 beer-bottle lined walls that give the chain its name, instead, the variety of beer takes the credit for it. While on home turf, Delhi, the cafe serves 50 kinds of beer, Bengalurua��s will serve 30 (blame it on state laws).
    Apart from the usual suspects, the pub is stocking up on 25 international brands. From Peroni and Miller to the less-commonly found German brands such as wheat-based Erdinger Weissbier and the Krombacher Pilsner, The Beer CafA� also houses Italya��s Birra Moretti and Estoniaa��s Viru (the bottle is known for its tower-inspired octahedral-shape). Beyond pints, towers and taps, ita��s the beer cocktails that are the big draw here. While the Sweet Pepper boasts of a coming together of strawberry and grape topped with lime wedges, the Beerjito is a spin on the classic mojito, and the Blue Flip is a tropical offering with passion fruit and blue curacao. Then therea��s Crazy Nuts with raspberries, hazelnuts and lime. The ginger-infused Beer Mule goes down easily with its sweet cucumber tang. Do ask your server for food and beer pairings.
    The cafA�a��s menu pitter patters around the globe, breezing past many cuisines as it comes to you. Besides staples such as pizzas and pastas, tikkas and kebabs, the cafA� offers a good Chilled Seafood Bhel. Prawns, tomatoes, and onions are peppered with coriander and crunchy bits of papdi and sev a�� whata��s not to like? Friends looking for light platters, ask for The Hulk a�� onion rings, stuffed potato skins, bruschetta, fries with chipotle mayo, salsa and sweet chilli sauce. Meat eaters, your shareables beat the green menu a�� therea��s The Hungry Tide with fish fingers, chicken wings and tenders, and Burraah comes with chicken and mutton tikkas and kebabs. The chefa��s special Sixteen Till I Die comes with 16 pieces of chicken a�� chilli garlic, barbeque, spicy chipotle and classic wing sauce.
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    For mains, the super-thin crust 12a�? pizzas come with a nice crunch around the edges. Go for the A Dinner Date with piri piri chicken, olives and jalapenos, the roasted pepper and mushroom laden Magic Mushroom pizza, or the Carnivorous Treat, an overload of chicken sausages, barbeque chicken and more. Like it should be, everything on the menu a�� from finger food platters to their a�?Large Platesa�� (think biryani), makes a respectable date with your beer.

    Meal for two `1,300. At 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar
    Details: 40982456
    a�� Nikita Puri


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