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    The bestA� places for fancy crustacean and exotic piscatorial dishes

    While Scottish salmon and New Zealand lamb at The Leela Palace areA� popular, the tobiko California sushi rolls are a secret treasure. The flying fish roe, brought in from Japan, has a reddish-orange tinge and brings a mildly smoky flavour and crunchy texture to the roll. It is almost used as a decorative ingredient due to the colour. The blue pin akami tuna, also fresh from the Far East islands, is essentially the area around the tunaa��s spine and tail, giving it a rich colour. Here, the chefs
    use it for the simple sashimi and sushi. Rs. 2,000++ for two.A� 1004Food8Lead2a
    At HAL Airport Road. Details: 25211234

    Chef Thimmiah makes sure babyA� octopus is fresh and delicious. a�?It is one of the most tender meats and is visually stunning because the purple-tinged arms curl and twist into an artistic sculpture,a�? he says. Giving it a desi flavour, it comes in the form of a masala roast with a mild sweetness. A grilled version of it is also on offer for those who want it as natural as possible. At The Gateway Hotel,A� Residency Road. Details: 66604545

    Rim Naam
    An important fish which is gradually being farmed, the Portuguese garoupa has a mild flavour and tastes of a cross between bass and halibut. It finds pride of place here as pla jeramet neung manao. A delicate steamed dish, it is garnished with lime, coriander and garlic. A signature feature, you could even eat itA� in the form of pla kao re pla kapong, steamed with black mushroom and veggies, and chilli soya in a Thai herb sauce. Rs. 1,300++. At The Oberoi, MG Road, Details: 25585858

    By The Blue1004Food8Lead5b
    For top notch salmon, By The Blue, at Grand Mercure is the place. Using pink salmon, brought in all the way from trawlers in the Atlantic Ocean, the fish has light pink flesh, a mild flavour and apparently a lower oil content than what is farmed. The kalonjiwwala salmon tikka, (steaks of the Atlantic fish) is marinated in yoghurt, nigella seeds and mustard for a true Punjabi taste, before it is smoked in a clay oven. Their Sunday brunch and special menu features the pistachio-crusted salmon with garlic mash and fettucine vegetables, and is great for the jaded palate. `2,000 for two. At Koramangala. Details: 45121638



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