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    Bigger and better than previous editions, Fete De La Musique returns

    World Music Day is back and Alliance Francaise (AF) de Bangalore stays true to tradition by hosting a mega event across a staggering 21 A�venues, over two days. Held in the city since 1984, Fete De La Musique has grown into a full blown musical extravaganza over the past few years, with genres spanning rock, jazz, Carnatic, fusion and world music. a�?This year, we were approached by bands, both established and new, to be part of the fest. Ita��s usually the other way around,a�? shares Prutha Narke of AF. Held over two days (June 18 and 19), some of the venues include Urban Solace, Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Furtados, SAIACS Ceo Centre, blueFrog, and The Humming Tree. We talk to a few performers and quiz them on whata��s in store.

    Symphonic EternityA�
    Students of Octavium Music Academy, they started off as a progressive/rock band. They now have a sound that is an exploration into all kinds of genres. The group is composed of 12-14-year olds who write their own music.
    Influences : Lamb of God, Porcupine Tree, The Down Troddence
    Whata��s in store: Wea��re going to be performing two originals a�� one that talks about the environment and what wea��re doing to it, and the other is a blend of different genres of music. Wea��ll also be doing a cover of System of A Down.
    Future projects: We will continue to work on new songs. Plus, wea��ll be putting out a new EP by the end of the year.

    Prakash Sontakke
    Known for his work with world music and the Grammy winning, Winds of Samsara, Sontakke needs no introduction. His band, The Prakash Sontakke Group and wife, Chaitra will join him on stage at the World Music Festival.
    Changing music scene: Therea��s a musical maturity that I see in audiences today. Lots of youngsters are coming forward and showing interest in World music, which is very encouraging.
    What does it mean for indie MUSIC: For first timers, such festivals gives them an opportunity to listen to different genres of music. So they get exposure to new sounds, that they otherwise wouldna��t have heard.
    What to expect: Wea��ll be performing a unique Kabir-inspired fusion piece.

    Thermal and a Quarter
    Headlining on the second day, Thermal and a Quarter have been around for over a decade. Influenced by rock, funk, blues, jazz, progressive and soul, they bring a sound that they describe as a�?Bangalore rock.a��
    What are you expecting: Wea��ve been playing at Fete De La Musique, right from when we were in college. Theya��ve always had a discerning audience. Wea��re looking forward to the electric atmosphere.
    Whata��s in store: Wea��ll be performing numbers from our latest album, No Wall Too High. It talks about divisions a�� between religions, rich and poor, etc. Ita��s a new evolved sound and is close to our heart. Wea��ll also be doing a tribute to David Bowie.
    Future projects: Nothing set in stone as of now, but wea��ve got a few gigs lined up that we cana��t talk about yet.

    Sylvester Trio
    Influenced by rock, funk, jazz and the blues, The Sylvester Trio was born out of Taaqademy, the music school run by TAAQ. The band is named after Sylvester Pradeep, their vocalist and guitarist, who was on the reality music show, The Stage, on Colors Infinity.
    What are you expecting: That characteristic Fete De la Musique feeling of being in the presence of several artistes and relishing the varied genres of music.
    Whata��s in store : An all original set, with some spontaneous jams, hopefully.Some of the songs include Supernatural (an ode to a common muse) and Funky (about breaking barriers and following your will).
    Influences, inspirations: Almost all kinds of rock and blues music. Thermal And A Quarter is a prime example of a band that inspires us.
    Entry free. Details: bangalore.afindia.org

    Text: Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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