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    3Musicians debuts with jazz standards and some new-age interpretations, at Adishakti.

    It almost sounds like a case of six degrees of separation. Singer Kirtana Krishna had studied under New York-based Latin jazz drummer, Karina Colis, in 2013, while she was teaching at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM). She then met guitarist Raghu Ramasubramanian while teaching vocals at Taaqademy, Thermal and a Quartera��s music school in Bengaluru. Now the three of them are teaming up for the first time, under the name 3Musicians, to host an evening of music at the Adishakti Theatre, near Auroville.
    a�?Karina is back at SAM and Raghu is teaching there, too. Since we were all close by, we thought wea��d do something together,a�? begins Krishna, 26. a�?The one-hour set will have jazz standards and neo soula��a derived genre of jazz that has hip-hop beats and vocals, but with a more laid back feel,a�? she adds.
    Promising an evening of improvisation, covering songs from names likeA� Charles Mingus and Hiatus Kaiyote, Krishna feels the melodies will appeal to a mixed audience. a�?Jazz is primarily about rhythm. After all, ita��s the dance music of the 30s and the 40s, when people went into jazz halls to swing. That is what we hope we will be able to present,a�? she shares.
    While Colis is known for her agility with the drum kit (a�?she almost floats over ita�?), Krishna shares that Ramasubramanian is a practiced player who is a�?quick to think and improvisea�?. In fact, she hopes this could be the start of a collaboration that will create some original compositions.
    Tomorrow, at 7 pm. Free entry. Details: 0413 2622287

    a�� Surya Praphulla Kumar


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