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    Founders of Ovenfresh launch Eatfresh, a brand new entrant in the food-tech startup ]


    After technology startups made their mark in E-commerce, taxi service and even real estate, the young and hungry Indian entrepreneurs are hoping to satisfy the taste buds of consumers in a rather healthy way. Bengalureans get to hear about a new food business every other day, a company that delivers food to your doorstep. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts or even beverages and groceries a�� you name it and they will bring it.
    Another entrant in this vastly growing market is Eatfresh. Though new, in terms of a fresh business approach, Eatfresha��s founder, Rajiv Subramanian, is certainly not new to the food industry. Subramanian along with his mother are behind the success of Ovenfresh founded about seven years ago.
    The story began way back when Subramaniana��s mother ran a bakery in their T Nagar home in Chennai. Subramanian used to help his mother run the business but had little expertise in the kitchen. After a degree in engineering, a brief stint at Oracle, then an IIM-A degree and a few years with Lehman Brothers, Subramaian had saved enough to bootstrap Ovenfresh, which now exists across South Indian cities such as Bengaluru and Chennai. a�?There has been a change in consumer demand and we wanted to leverage that demand, create meals in our high grade commercial set-up, by high quality chefs with good delivery statistics,a�? says Subramanian.
    How it works
    It is an online marketplace for meals prepared by chefs. It offers a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from Indian, European, Mediterranean and Oriental. a�?Not just that, we have the names of our chefs who created that particular dish on the site, and on the box that is being delivered. This is to create a personal brand for the chefs and the feedback for the dish directly goes to the chef in questions,a�? Subramanian adds.
    Users can book meals through the website from 15 different menu items. Eatfresh claims that its delivery logistics is built on a technology platform that guarantees a delivery in under 45 minutes. You can choose dishes such as soya and bean ragout with herb rice, chicken stuffed with spinach, pasta salads, banoffee pie and other desserts etc. They have an evolving menu, and the consumer can pick from about eight dishes on a daily basis, from an inventory of over 150 dishes. a�?And the dishes dona��t repeat for over two weeks,a�? he says adding that, a�?the consumer satisfaction is the ultimate key.a�? Quality control is also extremely important. a�?Before each meal is dispatched for delivery, a temperature check is done to ensure the food is at the right temperature; it is something wea��re very particular about,a�? Subramanian says.
    With a fresh round of funding, Eatfresh hopes to expand in other cities like Pune and Hyderabad and plan to have 50 distribution hubs between in Bengaluru and Chennai.
    Details: eatfresh.com
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