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    Hone your musical skills with these fun appsA�

    Whether you are a music student, who wants to up your game, or someone whoa��s always nurtured a dream to sing or play piano or guitar, your smartphone is all you need. These apps can help you master music instruments or even strengthen your vocal skills.

    Riyaz Beta: Developed by Bengaluru-based MusicMuni Labs, this android app is for learning and teaching Hindustani and Carnatic classical music. It aims to make your riyaz
    efficient, by evaluating your songs, accuracy and timing of sur-taal, and offering different age-relevant srutis (pitch-based exercises). It even
    flashes reminders for your practice sessions. Details: musicmuni.com

    Yousician: Sign up on this iOS app if you want to learn how to play piano, guitar, bass or ukulele. Get your instrument, choose from one of the 1,500 songs pre-loaded on the app, and follow instructions. The app gives an instant feedback on your performance. Engage in gameplays and challenges with other users to keep things interesting. Details: yousician.com

    Throga: Founded by US-based vocal coach Richard Fink, the app aims to hone your vocal skills. With the a�?Vocal Gyma�� section, you can train the muscle around your throat. It enlists a reference guide to improve singing, video lessons to exercise your vocal chords and a directory of experts whom you
    can take private lessons from, online. Available on Android, iOS and Windows. Details: throga.com

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