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    Choose whata��s playing at your favourite pub with Beatselecta.

    WHATa��S better than listening to your favourite song at a pub while sipping on beer? Hearing another favourite song, of course. Now you no longer need to wait for the DJ to consider your music requests. Take matters into your own hands by downloading Beatselecta, an app that lets you choose songs from a virtual jukebox.
    Founded by Brits, Chris Oa��Farrell and Declan Oa��Farrell, Beatselecta was first launched in a beta format in the US last year. It is now going to start its pilot testing in the country with a launch party at Ma��Bessy on July 16. Developed and marketed in the country by India Pistons, it will make its debut in Bengaluru next month.
    a�?The app has tied up with around 10 watering holes in the city, like 10 Downing Street, Plan B, Sera-The Tapas Bar, Kipling Cafe, The Moon and Sixpence, and others,a�? says Sonia Joseph, sales and marketing head.
    Once the pubs and cafes sign up, all their songs from their playlist get listed on the app. All you need to do is browse the playlist, select your song, queue it, and then sit back and enjoy when it starts playing. Worried if there is a long line of requests before yours? Jump the queue by paying Rs 15 (in-app) and get your song played immediately.

    Free on Android and iOS. Details: beatselecta.com

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