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    Buy carafate liquid Using the science ofAi?? Phonemic Intelligence,Ai?? Elaine Kueper plans toAi?? change the lives ofAi?? kids in rural India.

    ELAINE Kueperai??i??s story is as scientific as it is emotional. Triggered by a personal low over two decades ago, when her husband separated from her, she turned to Baskaran Pillai, of the Tripura Foundation, for help. He introduced her to the world of Phonemic Intelligence (PI), a unique method of using vibrations of the vocal chords to activate inner areas of the brain. The organisation collaborates with educational institutions, corporates, NGOs and governments who implement this science-based tool in their curriculum and schedules.

    EQ enhancing
    ai???Phonemic Intelligence involves recognising the smallest unit of sound by making specific sounds. These sounds activate a centrally-located region in the brain called anterior cingulate, involved in a humanai??i??s emotional regulation, learning and memory. Once activated, it consequently makes the mind calmer, and improves our ability to learn and concentrate,ai??? explains Kueper, who has been conducting these sessions for rural children across the country for over two decades.

    Goan collab
    Now, the 54-year-old American isAi?? planning to change the lives of many a rural child in Goa, courtesy her latest collaboration with the Goan government. ai???We have done pilot tests in around 20 rural schools in the state, and weai??i??re waiting for the results. Based on these, the government will decide whether to permanently implement the practice into the curricula or not,ai??? she reveals. ai???Most of the children that I teach this method to are from less-privileged families. However, that does not mean it cannot be used by anyone else. Baskaran Pillai and his teams take care of spreading the reach of PI in other quarters of the population as well,ai??? she assures.
    Details: tripurafoundation.org.

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