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    From Steinway Lyngdorf to Sony, we give you some of the best home theatre speakers celebrity audiophiles prefer

    YES, we all love listening to music and we have our own preferences for home theatre systems. But, leta��s not get into that. From AR Rahman to Steven Wilson, we give you some well-known celebrity audiophiles and the brands they favour. Whata��s more interesting is that all these home theatre systems are easily available.

    Text: Arka Sengupta

    Made to fit
    The Genelec 8020.LSE Espresso System is a surround sound masterpiece. It is not just a speaker but a 5.1 monitor system and can still provide accurate sound reproduction even if it is cramped into small spaces.RecordingA�studios worldwide preferA�Genelec monitors,A�includingA�music director, A R Rahmana��s studio at KM Music ConservatoryA�in the city.A�A�`2.7 lakhs. Details:A�sweetwater.com

    Devassya��s choice
    Chennaia��s very own musician, Stephen Devassy, is known for his experimental approach towards making music and his charged live performances. He says that clarity in sound is a priority to him. Maybe that is why he uses a Bose home theatre system. The Bose Lifestyle Soundtouch 535a��s sound clarity andA�hi-fi control system is desired for an elevated experience. At the Chennai store,
    `3.3 lakhs. Details: 30083317

    For all seasons
    The Crestron AIR series outdoor speakers can make your party go wild within minutes. Its crystal clear sound and enriched bass are another plus. You can place it anywhere in your house since it is weatherproof. No wonder Tv host and producer Ryan Seacrest installed one for his home theatre system. `1.2 lakhs collectively. Details:A�crestron.com

    Recording right
    Getting the correct equipment for your home studio canA�be tricky. You will never be satisfied with the sound output if you do not have good monitors. Take a leaf out of UK-based music producer Steven Wilsona��s handbook and get a Yamaha HS series studio monitor system. Wilson uses a lot of these monitors to record his music. `45,700. Details:A�in.yamaha.com

    A 3D high
    This 69-year-old brand has a follower in John Thomas, the drummer of Motherjane. He says he has preferredA�Sony forA�a very long time now. His choice is spot on. This Sony BDV-N9200W is a masterpiece that comes with Digital Music ArenaA�Mode, Football Mode and also bluetooth and 3D blu-ray playback. `58,990, Details: sony.co.in

    Noise off
    The most interesting part about the Harman Kardon HKTS 30 Speaker System is that it can give you an absolutely realistic listening experience while keeping unwanted noise at bay with its dual mid-range drivers. Dona��t be fooled by its size. This speaker system is really loud. Former American football star, Jerry Rice, is known to prefer Harman speakers and has one installed in his home theatre system. `64,990. Details:A�harmanaudio.in


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