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    Mumbaia��s The Colour Compound and UKa��s Nuphlo make their city debut with IndiEarth

    Ita��s that time of the month again, when IndiEarth at The Park introduces us to new sounds. Tomorrow, grab your seats to catch a band from Mumbai and a solo act from the UK debuting in the city.

    The Colour Compound: What began as a couple of guys making music in their backyard grew into a four-piece act over four years ago. Comprising Rohan Mazumdar and Bradley Tellis (guitar and vocals), Adil Kurwa (bass) and Aditya Ashok (drums), they call their musica��a blend of pop and alternative rocka��a�?relatablea�?. a�?Ita��s quite groovy, rich in vocal harmonies and melodic guitar lines,a�? says Tellis. With their debut album, From Where We Stand, launched last year, the 20-somethings feel their music has matured. a�?All four of us write our songs togethera��bringing in our varied ideas and influencesa��which adds freshness and depth to the sound,a�? he says, adding that we can expect to hear songs from their album, some new singles (like their latest, Holding on to the Hope), and a few popular covers. At the Lobby Stage, 9 pm.

    Nuphlo: A British Indian who grew up on Ustad Bismillah Khan and Stoned Asia, UK-based Nuphlo is an electronic music producer. a�?My music is contemporary Asian Underground. I try to keep my beats and synths as fresh and as cutting-edge as possible,a�? says the 33-year-old, adding that his sound does not have allegiance to the East or Westa��it lies dead in the middle. The co-founder of Hundred Colours Music, Nuphlo will be bringing a very upbeat, bass-heavy selection to the city, to a�?get people movinga�?. a�?I will predominately be playing unreleased music made by myself and my label colleagues,a�? he signs off. At the Leather Bar, 10.30 pm.

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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