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Known for catchy, layered and melodic dance music, HVOB is made up of Anna Muller and Paul Wallner from Vienna. We catch up with Muller, ahead of their gig supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Tell us about being in India.
We’ll be visiting India for the first time, and we are really excited that we got the chance to play two concerts here. The Indian audience will be one of the first to hear songs from our new album Trialog, as it’s one of the first stops on our world tour to promote it. It is officially going to be released in April.

Where else will the world tour
take you?
We will play in about 30 countries totally. We have already been to Cape Town, Johannesburg and some cities in Europe. After Delhi and Bangalore we’ll head to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. We’ve never been to any of these countries before either, so it’s a big honour. After that it’s the US, and back to Europe to close in May.

Where does the name HVOB
come from?
It stands for Her Voice Over Boys, but the name doesn’t have a big story behind it, sorry! Paul and I have known each other for a long time and we’ve both been musicians for a long time, so it was natural to start producing music together.

What defines you musically?
We always play live, that’s very important to us. So we’re travelling with our drummer Alexander Schuster. We don’t want the music to be playback, we need it to be real.

And what should we watch out for at the gig?
We will play some old (from our first album) and some new songs (from the second) so we have a perfect music set to present, and we know it’s going to be a good party. We’re hoping for an audience that is open to our music.
`300. Tonight at The Humming Tree, Indiranagar.
Details: 9886618386
—Maegan Sippy


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