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    All ears
    With a push of a button you can now train to be a musician. EarWizard, (developed by keyboardist Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater) plays out a sequence of notes which you then have to correctly name in the right order. Start with the easy mode before graduating to seven chords if you can. Free on itunes.apple.com

    Rock out
    JamUp by Positive Grid is a guitar amp and effects simulator in the Pro (`550) and Lite (free) options. The pro version features six amp types to resemble Fendera��s Blackface Twin and Bassman, Vox AC30, Marshall Plexi, JCM 800 and Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. The Lite version just offers the Vox AC30. Details: play.google.com

    In sync
    Figuring out chords can pose a challenge while writing a song but ProChords sorts you out nicely. Just click a note on the screen and the app will show you all the possible choices. Music Eureka! Rs560. At itunes.apple.com

    Mix and match
    The revolutionary Music Production Controller aka the Akai MPC a�� a drum machine sampler a�� has finally made it to mobile devices. Called the iMPC, it helps record drum tracks to later be synced with a song. Ita��s packed with features like looping, mixing, pitch shifting and different sounds and samples. It has a built-in turntable too. `390. At itunes.apple.com

    Old is gold
    With Arturia iMini a�� a monophonic analog synthesiser, like ABBA, you too can create your own sounds and build your personal sound palette. Features include speed and sync controls, virtual analog chorus and delay and octave span. Rs560. Details: itunes.apple.com

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