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    Give Applea��s EarPods a break with headphones that are high on luxe and tech.

    A fortnight ago, Apple ditched the industry standard 3.5mm headphone jack in its iPhone 7,getting us curious about how we will listen to music in the future. We engaged Raghav Somani, the CEO of Headphone Zone, for some insights into the trend and to get his
    recommendation for headphones. a�?Apple has just moved the digital-to-analog converter from the handset to the headphonesa��all for monopolising the industry. But that is the least of the hurdles in selecting quality headphones,a�? shares Somani.

    Audeze Sine??
    The worlda��s first on-ear planar magnetic headphone is light weight, has 3X surface area and folds flat for easy packing. Sinea��s technology, jointly created by Designworks, a BMW group subsidiary, makes the pair the most accurate, and delivers better bass and sound dynamics, which is apt for the home and recording studios. Rs 39,990.

    V-moda Crossfade
    With a patented dual diaphragm, the Crossfade offers bass that doesna��t club mids and highs, brings vocals to life and offers crystal clear cymbal sounds. The Crossfade offers identical wired and wireless sound quality, which makes it the most preferred headphones among DJs. It is also the most durable among the lot, with a kevlar-reinforced cable. Rs 24,990.

    Audeze LCD-4
    This 100 per cent hand-crafted headphones is born out of Audezea��s R&D. With nano-scale diaphragm, which can give an extreme a�?you-are-therea�� sound experience, the LCD-4 is even furnished with ebony wood and lamb leather. It takes over four weeks to create a single pair. Rs 3 lakh.
    Details: audeze.com
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