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    Artists from the entertainment industry open up on Anil Srinivasana��s new web series, Anil Talkies.

    WHEN hea��s not on a concert tour abroad, or busy with his music education project, Anil Srinivasan taps into trending formats like his new web series. The city-based classical pianist has started a talk show featuring well known names from the film industry a�� Anil Talkies. It will be uploaded every Friday with a running time of not more than four minutes. Talking about the showa��s format, Srinivasan says that each episode will have three segments.A� Beginning on a quirky note with celebrities like director Gautham Menon, artistes Chinmayi Sripaada and Andrea Jeremiah taking part in various music-inspired games, it will move on to serious discussions about their lives and their art. Following that, guests will sing original songs, too. All the original content produced on the show will be given exclusively to lyricist Madhan Karky for his two-month-old online music portal, DooPaaDoo, which was founded to encourage independent musicians.
    Srinivasan says it took six months to come up with the concept for the web series, as he wanted to a�?make something simplea�?. About the use of the digital platforma��as opposed to a more conventional medium like televisiona��he believes that as a musician one has to move ahead with the times in order to stay relevant. a�?Thata��s (online) where the action is happening right now. It is the number one destination for consuming music,a�? he says. The idea was a�?to remain connected and engaged with the younger audiencesa�? who listen to most of their music online. With season two also in the offing, Srinivasan has big plans to make this series a regular feature, possibly with a�?a�?artists from the previous generation.a�?

    Premieres today on Anil Talkies on YouTube.
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