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    A new site brings international audio equipment to India

    A music lovers paradise, Audio Universe consists of international brands such as Accutone Headphones, iBOX, BassBuds and Cambridge Audio from UK, Tangent from Denmark, Elipson from France and IPN Wireless from Netherlands. Divided into personal, professional and lifestyle sections, the website according to Sharad Jaiprakash, founder and CEO, is to promote the idea of music being a�?an extension of our personalitya��. A music enthusiast himself, he says he created a one-stop shop for audio equipment because of his own need. a�?Ia��m always on the look-out for products that help me experience exceptional sound. India is far behind when it comes to innovative audio products that use up-to-date technology to deliver great quality and extraordinary audio experience,a�? he says.

    In tune
    For sceptics (or perfectionists) who wona��t buy an audio product until youa��ve heard the sound it produces, Audio Universe allows you to experience the sound (they bring it to your doorstep), on products priced above `15,000, before you buy it. But in metro cities only. They will also soon set up flagship stores across the country, starting from the South, which will have experience zones. Laptop speakers, head phones, ear phones, state-of-the-art televisions and microphones are just some of the products currently available.

    High tech
    Telling us of the product he is most excited about, he picks the Minx-TV from Cambridge Audio. a�?It is made for LCD/LED TVs and it completely changes the movie watching experience with a sound boost. One can stream smartphone audio to this using its bluetooth feature,a�? he tells us, adding the BassBuds in-ear headphones with authentic Swarovski crystals on the list too.
    Details: audiouniverse.in

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