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    Rocker and MD of Universal Music India, Devraj Sanyal says there is finally hope in the non-Bollywood independent space

    _MG_8500When Devraj Sanyal joined Universal Music India as managing director three years ago, his mandate was to create a 360 degree music business and not just grow a label business. Today, he has created an enviable business, with a lofty turnover. Sanyal, who is part of rock bandA� called Brahma, isA� also entering the music intellectual properties business.

    A�Music mania
    Talking about the changing music scenario in the country, Sanyal says, a�?Needless to say Bollywood rules the roost. But in the last few years we are seeing a huge consumption in the non-film independent space. From EDM to rock and indie pop to regional, they are all coming centre stage.a�? However, Sanyal believes that talent always comes before profitability and viability.

    Other projects
    Sanyal spearheaded Contraband, as part of Universal Music, a platform for new talent. a�?Vh1 and Hard Rock are brilliant partners and they see the big picture. Wea��veA� already put out two amazing artistesa��Lost Stories (Indiaa��s leading EDM band) and Boomerang (a rock band from the North East). Next month will see a young hip hop star called Krsna, followed by rock act GATC (Girish and the Chronicles) and the One Night Stand,a�? he says. As for his band, Sanyal says it has taken a back seat. a�?As a leader of the band I have been busy pushing other peoplea��s music. However, we are in the middle of writing our third album (Brahma III),a�? he says. Sanyal has worked with some of the biggest names in the countrya��from Priyanka Chopra to Sonu Niigaam, and newA� stars like Shraddha Sharma. a�?We work together at every stage from writing to recording to releasing and deployment. I am a hands-on music MD,a�? he concludes.

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