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Dona��t know a�?psy technoa��? Let DJ Lion take you on a tripA�

Zhivorad Milich, aka DJ Lion, is regarded as one of Balkana��s pioneers of underground music scene. He describes his music as a�?psy technoa�� a�� one that is a�?changing bit by bit every day, and growing in its own directiona�?. He credits the evolution of his music to the countries hea��s performed in, and to the audiences hea��s had over the years.
With his first gig in Asia, in Bengaluru on Friday, he hopes to add a new dimension to his repertoire. He is also getting ready to sign about 10 tracks for Soupherb Records, an Indian label that promotes underground dance music.
His career took off at the age of 16 when he became resident DJ at By Italy, a club in Sofia, his hometown. He then moved from one town to another across Serbia, and Bulgaria to learn from local DJs. He published his first vinyl years later in 2006 when he felt he was ready to take the a�?big stepa�?.
DJ Lion tells us how the music bug bit him: a�?I had my muma��s piano, and my fathera��s great collection of cassettes with a double deck player to play with as a child. These became my earliest instruments, to make compositions at school events and birthday parties. My first composition was when I did my piano homework.a�?
Some of the highlights of his career of 30 years include, as he tells us, a�?I was very motivated when Mobi Recordsa�� charted my track Repeat Repeat. Richie Hawtin (award-winning electronic musician) played one of my riffs at a club in Ibiza. That was great.a�?
Another milestone in his music journey came in 2012 when he launched Patent Skillz label to promote young talent.
What can techno fans expect from the gig? a�?I never go on stage with a ready set. I prefer to read the vibes from the crowd, and then decide what kind of story to tell them. Ita��s an instantaneous thing,a�? he says, adding, a�?Ia��m trying to convert my performance more into impromptu, live acts.a�?

January 8. Cover (`500). At blueFROG, Church Street. 8 pm.
Details: 69999549
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