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Dance music superstars R3hab and DJ Snake A�talk to us about their careers and shed light on the future of EDM in India

Although the seeds of EDM were in India were sown in party hubs like Goa and Bengaluru, smaller cities are currently reaping it. a�?The future of EDM in India is bright, especially in cities like Hyderabad where 70 per cent of its 9.5 million (native and ex-pat) population are young. Wea��ve also started off-shoot events like Sunburn Arena and Reload to cater to demands from other Indian cities like Raipur, Kochi, Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur, etc,a�? explains Harinder Singh, MD Percept Limited,the company behind Sunburn City Festival which features DJ Snake and R3hab as headlining acts. We speak to superstar DJs, prior to their tour.
Party starter

Fadil El Ghoula��s career graph went from zero to 100, in the blink of an eye. Ghoul aka R3hab (spelled rehab) who started out as a music producer/DJ playing hip-hop/house for his high school friends in a small town called Breda in Netherlands – shot to fame by remixing pop-artistes like Lady Gaga and Rihanna in 2011. With a string of chart-topping originals on his discography including Karate, Prutataaa and Burnina�� and a tour diary chock full of gigs, hea��s currently ranked among the top 25 DJs in the world (as seen on DJMag). a�?EDM has blown up here and I feel the scene is poised to expand and become bigger and better in the next five years,a�? explains the Dutchman, whoa��s parents hail from Morocco.
Though wea��re aware that this a�?IDMA-Breakthrough artistea�� award-winner has already played his signature a�?high-octane Dutch House/Electroa�� sounds at every major EDM festival this year including Belgiuma��s Tomorrowland and sold-out parties in over 25 nations counting headlining nights at Ibizaa��s superclubs, we ask him whata��s next. a�?Ia��ve just released an official remix for Taylor Swifta��s a�?Wildest dreamsa��. As for original productions, my brand-new single with Headhunterz called a�?Wona��t stop rockinga�� is currently ranked as one of top five EDM tunes in the world on Beatport,a�? shares the 29-year-old DJ, adding that hea��s headed to Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan in the next couple of months.

Midas touch

Most artistes make it to the top of the Billboard music charts, at the pinnacle of their career. But thanks to the 2013 viral-hit a�?Turn down for whata��, Paris-based EDM producer DJ Snakea��s international music career started there. Now hot-off the success of his India-inspired, downtempo single a�?Lean ona�� (which has amassed over 700 million views on YouTube) hea��s touring the globe armed with just 11 original tracksa��three of which have been sitting on Billboarda��s a�?Top 10a�� chart for a record-breaking nine weeksa��and will bring his signature hip-hop/rap infused a�?organic beatsa�� to Indian shores for the very first time next week.
Born William Grigahcine, he earned the moniker a�?Snakea�� when he was a teenager due to his ability to evade the authorities while dabbling in graffiti art. a�?I was 14 when I saw DJ Cut Killer a�?spina��, in the movie La Haine. That was what inspired me to start off as rap/hip-hop DJ,a�? shares the Grammy-nominated Frenchman.Besides multi-city tours of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the a�?viral hit-makera�� intends to continue working on a a�?yet to be titleda�� solo-album before heading to India. a�?I want to ensure all my Indian fans have a great time,a�? shares the 29-year-old.
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