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    Portugese percussionist Manu Idhra and DJ Hamza talk about their debut gig in the city


    AMP up your weekend with some tech house, fusion and world music, as Portuguese percussionist, Manu Idhra and New Delhi-based DJ Hamza, gear up for their Chennai debut at Indiearth at The Park. This show is a part of their India tour, that covers places like Mumbai, New Delhi, Dharamshala, Bangalore, Jaisalmer and Goa. a�?It is always exciting to perform in a city for the first time,a�? says Hamza. a�?The people in Chennai have a good appetite for music and they are receptive to new things. So, I think that our music will be well received,a�? adds the 28-year-old.
    Their musical journey started eight years ago when they were introduced to each other at a party by a common friend at New Delhi. a�?I had a gig the next day. So, I invited Manu to play with me at the gig out of courtesy. That gig turned out to be so electrifying that we decided to stick to each other from then on,a�? recalls Hamza. Since then, the duo has performed across India and international destinations like Berlin, Porto, Lisbon, San Francisco, Geneva and New York. About his fascination with India, Idhra, the 30-something percussionist, says, a�?I learn a lesson about life every day when I step out in the streets here. The bands, their music, the people, the atmosphere, everything here touches my heart deeply.a�?
    With influences from Brazilian, Latin, African and Arabic music, Hamza and Idhra include organic music elements to make the sound more wholesome. a�?We use a lot of live instruments during our shows. Manu plays all kinds of percussions including the drums, bongo and conga. We tend to improvise a lot during our shows. So, you will never know what to expect,a�? says Hamza.
    The duo are yet to come up with a consolidated release, though Hamza promises a debut album by the end of next year. a�?We are currently in the process of recording tracks for the album. I can just say that it will involve a lot of field recordings gathered during our travels, along with the kind of music we make,a�? says Hamza. He also reveals the duo will release a documentary, about their travels in India and Portugal, along with the album. At IndiEarth @ The Park, on November 7, 10 pm onw-ards, Details: 4205 2532.


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