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The citya��s soup bowl is getting its fair share of exotic veggies not just ealth reasons but also for the unique taste

Galangal Coconut
Milk Soup
Those who love their Thai food would love to gobble a few spoonfuls of this soup. Soups n Salads a popular soup destination in the city offers a blend of Kafir Lime, Galangal blended with coconut milk. Says the owner and chef Soujanya, a�?The base of this soup is chicken broth. For that special flavour we add the Thai herbs. What makes the texture of the soup really unique is addition of coconut milk. We season it with salt and pepper.a�? On customersa�� request the chef also adds the seasona��s veggies. One serving of the soup is priced at `150++ taxes. Details: 2355 0038

Soup 2Shrimp and Barley Soup
Sounds simple, but not very easy to get during the onset of winter. But one can relsh it at Ci Gusta! Yes, ita��s that Italian restaurant known for its exotic platters and pots. Says chef Naresh, a�?The soup is thick in consistency. For that extra taste we use shrimp stock. Barley makes it thick and many come to our restaurant for the taste.a�? Price for one bowl of the soup is `160++ taxes. Details: 6444 8866

Vegetable Tofu
Wolfberry Broth
As the name suggests, this soup is made from broth of wolfberries to which are added chunks of Tofu. Wolfberries or or Goji Berries as they are called are beneficial for dry cough and are packed with calories. The main ingredients that go into the making of the soup are Chinese cabbage and Wolfberries of course. a�?Bok Choy adds that special taste to the soup,a�? informs one of the staffers of Taj Krishna where one can savour this soup at restaurant Golden Dragon. The price of this soup is priced at ` 610++ taxes. Details: 6666 2323

Eight Treasure Soup
Not many know that eight is a lucky number for the Chinese. And what can be better if this number is included in their food. Well, as the name sounds the soup contains eights unique ingredients like snow peas, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, baby corns, beans, onions and garlic. Savour it at Mainland China, Begumpet. Says the manager Ganesh, a�?This is our specialty.a�? Price: `250++ taxes.
Details: 3043 1244

Bamboo and Mushroom Soup
It is made from imported mushrooms and prepared in both thick and thin broth according to the choice of the guest. Says chef Phongthorn Hinracha of Park Hyatt, a�?The thick version of the soup tastes like Shark Fin Soup, which is banned. I add green onions, cabbage and finely chopped lemongrass. Shitake mushroom is what makes it special.a�? For that exclusive flavour he adds a dash of Chinese wine. A bowl of the soup is seasoned with white pepper powder and garnished with coriander leaves. It is available for `600++ taxes. One can savour it at the hotela��s Oriental Bar.
Details: 4949 1234




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