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Slice of Malaysia on your A�platter at Marriott

How about enjoying South East Asian cuisine with a difference this month? We are talking about sumptuous Malaysian delights. Hyderabad Marriott Hotel will host an 11-day celebration of Malaysian food at its restaurant, Okra.
The fest begins on May 12 and continues till May 22. Chef Ruhizad Muri from Kuala Lumpur, who is quite a globe-trotter and has two decades of experience, has been invited to curate the menu.
This festival will
feature scrumptious dishes such as the Laksa, Mee Goreng, Nasi lemak, Char Kuey Teow and also some dishes crafted as chefa��s special.
Says chef Muri, a�?Ita��s a presentation of the best of Malaysia on a platter. We will cook a selection of
traditional recipes at Okra. This time Hyderabad Marriott through its partnership with Tourism Malaysia and Malaysian Airlines promises to offer the warm hospitality with services and cuisine.”
Time: 7.30 pm-11.30 pm. Details: 27522567

-Saima Afreen


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