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Sample South Indian dishes and cookies at the new Dakshin Kitchen on ECR

The Cup O CafA� on ECR has metamorphosed into Dakshin Kitchen, with a strong South Indian menu. Only some cookies remain as a reminder of the cafe. Owners, Praveen DAKSHIN11Kumar Athikesavan and his partner Gowtham Challani opened the restaurant under their main brand, Vintage Beverages N Foods Limited. a�?We have three Cup O Cafe outlets in the city and wanted to try something different a��what better than South Indian food. The ECR stretch is a great place for a restaurant and so we worked on the concept of Dakshin Kitchen,a�? says Athikesavan. A good place to pull over for a snack, the 60-cover restaurant offers 11 varieties of dosas. We start with their Dakshin Special roasta��served as six separate pieces filled with cheese and paneer. For those who dona��t mind the strong flavour, their garlic roasta��sandwiched with spicy garlic pastea�� is recommended. We also sampled their medhu vada served with coconut, onion and mint chutney (the spicy onion chutney is addictive) before moving on to a bowl of sambar rice, served with a papad.

To satisfy the sweet tooth, try their butter and chocolate cookies from Cup O Cafe. And in true South Indian style, end the meal with a cup of steaming hot filter coffee, served in a bronze dabara. a�?We get the coffee powder from Parrya��s Corner. Our coffee is very popular even amongst foreigners,a�? concludes Athikesavan.

A meal for two costs Rs400. Details: 27444324

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