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    Lavanya Hariharana��s startup aims to deliver a refined salon experience at your home

    CITY based Lavanya Hariharana��s door-to-door salon and spa service, Pamperazi, whichwas launched this August, promises professional grooming sessions in the comfort of your home. Perfect for the time-crunched, the services include facials, hair care, body care, nail care, massages and sari draping services. a�?Our USP is our quality and punctuality,a�? explains Hariharan, adding, a�?We make sure our staff always arrives on time and we aim to finish the services within 90 minutes.a�?1
    An alumnus of the University of St Andrews (Scotland), with a masters in International Business, Hariharan (31) was inspired to start her business after she had her second child. a�?I had spent all my time at home without access to a beauty parlour, as I was busy with my baby. I feel there is a real need in the city for door-to-door beauticians with good professional standards. Thata��s what inspired me to start Pamperazi,a�? she says.
    Hariharan will be introducing make-up and bridal services later this month. Each member of her team has a minimum of eight years of experience, and then undergoes further training,a�?Our staff travel light. Our pedicure tubs, for example, are insulated tubs that can be folded to a mere four inches. We are also the only home-salon service carrying our own hair-wash station. Our services feature Moroccan Oil hair spas, hair care from La��Oreal and Schwarzkopf, body care spas from Estrella, waxes (normal and Rica) and mani-pedis from Me Bath.a�?
    Packages from Rs 499 onwards. Details: 18001023165

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