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With NASA-licensed motifs on scarves and more, online portal Whitenifeai??i??s eco-friendly and quirky additions are the top picks for gifts this seasonorion_pocketsquare-nehrucoat

luxury e-portals, Whitenife is set to add an eco-friendly twist to their repertoire of brands. Considering Hyderabad has a `1 lakh crore-worth wedding market, their new additions to their exhaustive ai???ethical gifting catalogueai??i?? in time for the wedding season has our attention. ai???We are a one-stop shop for all that one needs at weddings. We offer eco-friendly options, at all price points, where you can customise your gifts as well,ai??? says Sonia Agarwal, chief executive officer and founder of the brand. In the catalogue, the buyers can expect to find vegan candles, scarves and pocket squares, chocolate truffles, cocoa-coated almonds, cruelty-free honey and symbolic silver artefacts.

Stars in silkgabriela_scarf
Some of the top picks from the brand, that can be apt gifts for space geeks, are the space-inspired scarves and pocket squares from their in-house label, MC2.ai???We have licensed images from NASA for the scarves. Space prints have been reproduced on the scarves and pocket squares,ai??? says the 26-year old entrepreneur, who adds that the scarves are made of 100 per cent silk and on special request, they use Eri silk, which is a more eco-friendly option.

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Whitenife has a range of thoughtful knick-knacks, that can be paired with wedding invitation cards. Think goodies like vegan candles. These candles are made of vegetable extracts instead of paraffin, making them more sustainable. Also, they come in a range of exquisite fragrances infused with aromatic oils such as lotus-wild berry and lemon verbena.

Sweet nothings
If you need to pick up something for chocoholics, there is an array of indulgences, including those that will suit a vegan palate. ai???We have a chocolatier on board here and import our beans, so we donai??i??t compromise on its quality,ai??? says Agarwal who is also a former graduate of Babson University in the United States. The best bit? Each box sponsors meals for underprivileged children in Mumbai and Delhi.

Price: The starting range is Rs 150 and can go up to Rs 1 lakh
Details: www.ethicalgifts.com

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