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    Making his way from Bilbao in the picturesque Basque Country, Aitor Etxebarria better known as El_Txef_A, takes the stage at The Humming Tree tomorrow. Known for his haunting yet fast-paced music, the Spaniard has made two albums so far a�� Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (2012) and We Walked Home Together (2014). Having performed across America and Europe, Etxebarria comes to town after Delhi and will be heading to Mumbai after his stopover here. We chat with the artiste ahead of his show.

    The story behind the name.
    When I was 17 years old, a magazine from France called Trax, was looking for Europea��s interesting upcoming artistes. I had to send them a demo with my name on it. So came up with El_Txef_A as it was different and a play on my last name.

    Describe your music.
    Ita��s a mix of sad and mystic textures for my albums. And my smaller EPs are techno and acid jams a�� nearer to the sound I play on my DJ sets.

    Growing up in the Basque country.
    Basque is definitely one of the things that define me. Coming from a place where the sea and the mountains know each other is kind of special. As there is no big music scene in Basque, like in London and Berlin, so it gives you an objective view.

    Top influences.
    Basque songwriters from the 70s, like Mikel Laboa and Benito Lertxundi.

    Peek into your set here.
    I have heard amazing things about Bangalore and I think my set will be perfect for the crowd. Expect dark and mystic sounds mixed with acid and dubby warm beats. I have some playlists but I might just go with the flow.
    August 8. 9 pm. At 12th Main, Indiranagar. Tickets (`600) on



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