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    This season, let your home glow with semi-precious stones

    You have seen semblances of it (made of acrylic) at SPI Cinemas and the real deal at The Yellow Chilli restaurant. Now you can pick up slabs of imported agate and quartz for your home, right here in the city. The only store to offe1r naturally-occurring semi-precious stones for interior solutions, the year-old Eartheque Exquisite Elements promises to give your rooms an organic but luxe edge.A� a�?Natural stone is not similar to ceramic and porcelain tiles, and offers a gradation of colours,a�? explains Shilpa Darshan Kumar, the co-founder, who started out as a bank manger but quit to explore more creative outlets. Commenting on the increasing demand for semi-precious stones, Pranita Varma, the founder of interior design firm Da��Studio, says, a�?Earlier, it was quite small-scale, used in things like wash basins and lamps, but now the trend is on a much larger scalea��like dining table tops, bed heads, bed sides and more.a�? Meanwhile, Kumar adds, a�?The beauty of the stone is the explosion of colours and its translucent nature. And when back-lit, it gives a warm glow.a�? With 18 types of semi-precious stones sourced from Belgium and Zambia, also expect a variety of huesa��like the agate that comes in shades of blue and green.


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