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    With Sensy A�Home, get to your favourite show on A�the telly A�without A�looking upA�channel numbers

    Wea��ve all been through this. Sitting in our living room, and fervently browsing TV channels to find the one we really want to watch. And if therea��s company, rest assured, suggestions for channel numbers from 29 to 343 pour in inevitably.
    How about if you can simply read out the channel name, the show name, the genre you want to tune in to, or may be the channel number if you remember it, and your TV follows your command? Well Bengaluru-based Sensara seems to have cracked this with their new product a�� Sensy Home.
    Sensy Home is a small box, and it works in sync with the companya��s Android app called Sensy, via bluetooth LE technology, to make this happen. The setup communicates with your TV through infrared.
    Key words
    Its founder, ex-Googler, Bharath Mohan tells us how to use the two, a�?Place the box anywhere in your house (within a range of four metres from your TV). Once you have downloaded the app, it will automatically detect the box and pair with it. Now, simply speak to your phone. Feed in keywords like you do on Google, such as IPL, MTV Awards, or AR Rahman and your TV will switch to the corresponding channel. Content is king, so why bother with channel numbers?a�?
    But how will our TV know if we want to watch a live IPL match, a highlight, or a news discussion around it? Wona��t these keywords lead to ambiguous results? Mohan explains, a�?A lot of complex interpretation and algorithmic calculations go behind every command. So what the TV shows is the most popular result/channel (similar to Google search). Talking about IPL, we will take you to the Sony Six channel that shows these matches live, because thata��s what most cricket fans will be interested in, in that moment. But if you didna��t intend to watch a live match, look up our app. It lists out all the possible TV shows related to IPL on air, so tap on what you were initially looking for, and there you go.a�?
    Friendly features
    Simply put, Sensy Home turns your smartphone into a smart remote. And while the app is free, the box is priced affordably at `999. The system is compatible with TVs with Set Top Boxes, across standard TV service providers (Airtel Digital, Dish TV, Reliance Digital TV, Tata Sky, Hathway, etc).
    You can also instruct the phone remote to go into a�?channel surfinga�� mode. This will prompt your TV to change channels every 10 seconds. Also, it will automatically put the television on mute as you take a call. In future, it will also be able to unmute the TV once you have moved 15 metres away from the box. Your smart remote can also sense which channel is on an ad-break!

    Details: sensyremote.com

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