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The water warriors

A team of photographers work on the theme of Urban Water for the upcoming Chennai Photo Biennale

pg21-1With the inauguration of the Chennai Photo Biennale drawing close, and amid all the works being curated for it, one exhibition caught our eyea��a fresh work that was created in the city.
Between January 6 and 15, at the Lighthouse MRTS, 15 photographers had worked under the guidance of photographers Andreas Deffner from Germany, Ravi Agarwal from New Delhi and Munem Wasif from Bangaladesh. They spent days taking photographs on Urban Water, a topic that holds more relevance now than ever in Chennai. a�?It covers various aspects like the issues of rivers, water supply, changing ecology of the coastline, the water corals, etc,a�? says Agarwal, who along with Deffner and Wasif, helped the 15 participants a�?honea�? their photographs through the biennalea��s first workshop.
Having completed the editing, these pictures are getting prepped for installation and Agarwal says that we should be excited. Though not as popular as the other photographers who will be present at the biennale, the 15 from the Urban Water workshop are practising photographers, many of whom have spent time at coastal villages for the project and others who have come up with concepts based on their theme. a�?It is different photographers looking at different ideas of water in their own style,a�? Agarwal says, promising that the audience will be exposed to different styles of photography at the biennale.

a��Ryan Peppin


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