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Production vehicles that have upset records in recent times

Volvo Iron Knight
Powered by a 1,900bhp, 16-cylinder engine coupled to a 200bhp electric motor, this hybrid truck from Volvo set a new FIA World Speed Record in a closed-off airfield in Fallfors, Sweden, two fortnights ago. Driven by Boije Overbrink up and down over a one km stretch, it took 13.710 seconds to cover 500 metres, hitting 84.026 kmph, and 21.290 seconds for 1,000 metres reaching 169.09 kmph. The Iron Knight recorded a top speed of 276 kmph, which is 4.6 seconds faster than the Porsche Cayman, making it the
fastest hybrid truck ever. Details: volvotrucks.com

Tucson Fuel Cell
Even before it hit showrooms, this hydrogen powered crossover made history by becoming the fastest stock fuel cell vehicle by racing to 152.2 kmph at the Soggy Dry Lake bed in California on November 11 last year. Unlike the other cars in this list, the Tucson Fuel Cell broke this record with its humble 134PS-making electric motor, without any modifications. Details: hyundaiusa.com/tucsonfuelcell

Jetta Hybrid LSR
Piloted by Motor Trenda��s associate road test editor, Carlos Lago, at the Bonneville Salt Flats, this specially-modified Jetta Hybrid careened its way to becoming the fastest production car running on a hybrid powertrain. This Jetta had a combination of 1.4-litre turbocharged, direct-injection four-cylinder TSI petrol and an electric motor, capable of an output of 170bhp, along with 244Nm of torque, which helped it clock 299.8 kmph. Details: vw.com


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