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    With casinos, skywalking, music and endless shopping opportunities, herea��s where you should ring in the New Year

    When we step out on the walkway, for the skywalk, butterflies are dancing in my stomach. The location is the 61st floor of the Macau Tower. A stiff breeze is blowing and you can see the island of Macaua��buildings, bridges and boats now reduced to matchboxes. As you walk along the ridge (5.8 feet wide), you cana��t help but look down the 288-foot-drop. David, a young Chinese helper, suggests we run and then leap into space. Anxious cries of a�?No, noa�? from the women are met with a laugh and a a�?Try it.a�? And it is indeed exhilarating, to say the leasta��to leap off the walkway, legs going skywards, and then to be held back by the safety harness.
    Right next to this is the bungee jump, the worlda��s highest commercial leap, at 788 feet. When you look down from the edge, have no doubt that your stomach will churn in fear and excitement. A fragile-looking 18-year-old Chinese girl takes the jump with an insouciant smile. Here are some nerve-tingling statistics: you reach a speed of 180 km/hour. However, it lasts only six seconds. And the adrenalin flow does not come cheapa��at Rs.23,000 a jump.

    Senado SquareSmall is beautiful
    All this excitement is taking place on an island that is only 33 sq km in size, with a population of five lakh. Of course, Macau is world-famous for its casinos, with their 24 hour non-stop actiona�� slot machines, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker and more. Last yeara��s annual gambling revenues were a mind-boggling $45 billion. Not surprisingly, education is free till class 10, but their new university is only the size of a high school in India.
    It is a place where the hotels on the Cotai Strip, like the Venetian Macau, the Conrad, the Holiday Inn and the Four Seasons, will take your breath away by their sheer size and grandeur. I was lucky to be staying at the Sheraton Macao Hotela��the largest there, with 3,896 rooms. Near the lobby, there is a natural forest, with palm trees reaching up to the second-floor, a free-flowing stream, flower pots and green grassa��a sight many guests stop to stare at.
    The rooms at the Sheraton are plusha��the highlight being the two-bedroom family suite with a specially designed childrena��s room. a�?We have a high occupancy rate for 2014. Most of our visitors are from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and India. We expect tourist arrivals to keep increasing for the next several years,a�? smiles Josef Dolp, the managing director.
    As for the restaurants, I liked Feasta��featuring open cooking stationsa��where you can choose from a wide variety, including Asian, Portuguese and Macanese dishes. For those whoa��d rather fill their shopping bags than their tummies, visit the Sands Cotai Central (where the Sheraton is located) and shop at its over-100 world-class retail stores, including names like Versace, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

    she3120wn-113413-Senado SquareOld charm
    Much as new Macau is dazzling, there is a charm to the old city. The streets are narrow and paved with coloured tiles. At the Senado Square, there is a striking wave-like pattern on the mosaic stones (pick up clothes and knick-knacks here at affordable rates). There is also a lot of history here. Did you know that the Chapel of our Lady of Penha was built in 1622 by the crew and passengers of a Portuguese ship that had escaped capture by the Dutch. Other places of interest include the Formula 3 Grand Prix Museum, the Wine Museum (where you can sample three wines at the end of your visit), the A-Ma temple, the Ruins of St Paula��s, and the bronze Kun Iam Statue, which towers 60 feet and has a dome-shaped lotus base, with sixteen petals.A�If you are planning a trip now, do pack a sweater because though the days are pleasant, the nights can be cold.A�Rooms from Rs.10,131. Details: sheratonmacao.com

    Get animated
    Choose the DreamWorks Experience Package (Rs.11,958 plus taxes onwards) at the hotel and you can eat breakfast with Shrek and his friends. Tuck into a�?Kung Fu Pandaa�� red bean buns and dragona��s eggs sunny side up, while Alex the Lion, Donkey and the rest of the gang entertain you. At the Urumqi Ballroom, Sands Cotai Central, you can also click pictures with the characters. Details: sandscotaicentral.com

    wine museumIndian connect
    There is a touch of Bollywood glamour at the Aruna Indian Curry and Cafe House. The walls are covered with photos of celebritiesa��like Shah Rukh Khan posing with the owner, Aruna Jha. a�?All Bollywood celebrities come to my restaurant because they crave Indian food after a couple of days,a�? says Jha, who has been living in the city for over three decades. Head there if you crave traditional fare like dal, chicken tikka and naan. Meal for two at approximately Rs.2,000. Details: arunaindiancurry.com

    Pot luck
    Xin is a one-of-a-kind Asian hotpot and seafood restaurant at the Sheraton Macao. Tanks of fresh seafooda��featuring lobsters, clams, abalone and morea��are on display for guests to choose from. Once you have made your selection, cook your own hotpot at the burner provided at each table. Dinner buffet from Rs.2,783 onwards. Details: xinmacau.com

    Macau new yearMust do
    Shopping: Book a room at the Sheraton Macao (till January 31, 2015) and enjoy a fun shopping experience in the over-260 stores at the Four seasons, the Venetian and the Cotai Central. Get shopping vouchers worth Rs.1,500 and discounts at select stores. Rs.12,600 plus taxes, per night. Details: deals.sheraton.com On the go: Stop by McPhersona��s Sweeta��s Shoppe to pick up their black garlic chocolatea��black garlic ganache sandwiched between two pieces of dark chocolate. Rs.116 onwards. Details: mcmacau.co Snack street: If you fancy food with a twist, then head
    to Fong Kei, a century-old pastry shop on Rua do Cunha. They are famous for their cookies with pork and lard fillings. We suggest their signature almond cookies with pork filling. Details: +853 28827142


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