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    Indian classics get a touch of creativity at My Fortune Bengaluru

    We ARE always happy to discover another dining venue located in town, especially one where parking is a non- issue. Fitting the bill is ITCa��s newest offering, My Fortune Bengaluru on Richmond Road with its cheerful F&B offerings. The decor and design of this hotel is quite different from other Fortune properties in town a�� less a�?budgeta��, more upscale, trendy and clearly quite focused on food and beverage quality.

    The interiors are pleasantlyA� sleek and contemporary with strong copper accents, a palette of earthy tones, mood lighting and strong accent walls. They have an extensive daily buffet at the coffee shop a�� My Cafe, but we head to their specialty restaurant a�� My Indian Oven.

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    Helmed by the friendly chef Vivek Kapoor who clearly knows his onions, the menu is straightforward enough with a bit of creativity and flair. And he is happy to talk you through his particular favourites, adding little tasting notes and insights along the way.

    At his suggestion, we began with kadak sheek, a patty of minced chicken (and cheese), that was easy on the tastebuds but tough on the waistline seeing as it was deep fried. Next came tandoor grilled prawns with a dollop of wasabi mayo a�� the hint of wasabi worked beautifully with the smokey spices. Murgh tikka a�� marinated with yellow chillies was a tad predictable although we made short work of the delicious mutton gilafi a�� minced and skewered lamb cutlets. An intriguing variation here was the samosa meat curry a�� tiny cocktail samosas resting in a rogan josh gravy. Tasty and unusual as a dish, although the pastry tends to fall apart after a bit. A rich red Mangalorean fish curryA� with steamed rice addedA� a nice Southern flavour to the meal before we moved onto the desserts.

    We really enjoyed Kapoora��s version of the classic halwa a�� a common temple offering in the North. This one has a dash of cinnamon and chocolate flavours, while the creme brulee is infused with a taste of masala chaiA� thatA� also works very well.

    Rs. 1,500 for two. Details: 40200200

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