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Remix king DJ Zaeden promises to get you on the dance floor with his new singles

DJ and music producer, DJ Zaeden is known for his remixes like Magic by Coldplay and Animals by Maroon 5. The youngest Indian DJ to feature at the Tomorrowland alongside Borgeous, this 20-year-old remix king will be in the city for celebrating the World Music Day with Anish Sood, a veteran at Sunburn festivals.
With a few new singles lined up, Sahil A Sharma a.k.a DJ Zaeden, who would be touring Europe in July and August, says, a�?I’ve been producing progressive house so far. My last single and two remixes were progressive house, but I’m excited about my next few singles coming out this year as I’ve tried something different from my style.a�?
Describing his music as a�?fresh, simple and expressive,a�� he reveals, a�?My next single is going to be out on July 29 on Spinnin with Nina & Malika.a�?
Eternally on a a�?I-am-running- out-of-timea�� mode, the DJ is always away from his family. However, his Hyderabad visit has a personal factor too. a�?Ia��m excited to meet my brother Sanchit who is studying in Hyderabad. I havena��t seen him in a while. Besides this, Ia��m looking forward to the show at Hard Rock Cafe and of course, Paradise biryani.a�?
DJ Zaeden would be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe at Road No 1, Banjara Hills on June 19. Book your tickets at bookmyshow.com. Price: Rs 1,000. Details: 33165099

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