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Expect folk tales, mythology and more, as Chennai Storytellers salute World Storytelling Day.

Telling tales may be frowned upon, but we certainly want to encourage more storytelling. On World Storytelling Day (March 20), the Chennai Storytellers want to remind us of this oral tradition. a�?With everyone glued to their electronic screens, relationships are suffering. Stories are a great way to connect, communicate and establish a bond. Moreover, this tradition is in our blood, in our culture, and we shouldna��t let it die,a�? says Asha Sampath, the founder of Tale-Spin and Chennai Storytellers.
This year, the theme is a�?Strong Womena�� (voted for by storytellers from across the globe). And since ita��s a weighty topic, she feels it will resonate best with those seven years and above, especially tweens and teens. a�?We will be drawing on stories from folk tales and mythologya��not just from India, but from across the world, like the one about a young African girl who outwits a clever animal. There will also be personal stories, real life stories and made up ones,a�? she says, adding that she will be telling a story on Shakunthala and one on her great grandmother, for which she has taken a folk tale and made it into a personal narration. a�?The styles of storytelling, of course, will be different. While some will use a conversational tone, others will be narrative. There will also be songs, sounds and theatricality used to make it interactive,a�? she explains, hoping that Chennaiites will celebrate stories and give the oral tradition a fillip. a�?Besides enjoying a great tale, the takeaways are varieda��from public speaking skills to logical thinking,a�? she shares.

Today at the Russian Cultural Centre, at 6 pm, and Sunday at the Anna Centenary Library, at 11 am. Free entry. Details: 9551762399

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